About Shel

Shel Kahn is an artist whose work spans digital and tabletop games, comics, education, and community organizing.

They have worked with a range of publishers on pen and paper, console, mobile and PC games, as well as fantasy and memoir comics; and they have presented and taught at professional conferences, as well as at highschools, colleges and universities. Kahn’s current work includes self-publishing comics and tabletop RPG modules, teaching through tabletop RPGs, and organizing community events through DMG.

You can reach them by email at shel@portablecity.net . They are also on Twitter and Tumblr, and publish webcomics on the Weald Comics website. Find their detailed CV on LinkedIn.

Select clients include:

Numizmatic Games
Peculiar Path Games
Believe, Ltd.
A Sharp Games
Penguin King Games
Worlds Without Master
Rocket 5 Studios
Royal Ontario Museum
Aga Khan Museum
Oasis Skateboard Factory Alternative School
George Brown College
Brock University