Original Art Auctions

Listed here are original pieces of artwork available for auction. Click on either piece to bid on it individually:

 Rabbits telling stories in their warren.   Rabbit caught in the headlights on a rural road.
Click here to bid on Piece #1 – Inside the Warren        Click Here to bid on Piece #2 – Out On the Road

Auction process and terms:


  • Please use your preferred contact email when bidding as I will use these emails to contact winning bidders.
    • Upon bidding, please select “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” to be notified if you are outbid.
  • To bid, leave a comment on the auction item’s main post with your bid in full dollar amounts – for example “BID $55“.
    • All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.
    • Opening bids will be listed with each artwork. The first bid on each item will only be valid if it is equal to or greater than the opening bid.
    • Please increase bids in minimum of $5 increments.
  • For each auction there will be a grace period of 1 additional hour if a bid is placed during the last scheduled hour of the auction. If another bid occurs during that time, another one hour period will be added, until 1 hour passes with no bids.
    • Late bids placed after the one hour grace period will not be accepted.

Winning Bidders:

  • The winning bidders will be announced in the comments of each auction within 24 hours of the auction ending.
    • Winners will be contacted via the email they used for their winning bid comment.
    • Shipping fees will be listed with each artwork. These will be charged to the winner on top of the winning bid.
  • Payment can be made via PayPal or, for Canadians only, Interac E-Transfer.
    • All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars.
    • Payment must be made within three days of being contacted by email or winner will default to the next highest bidder.

Please do not use comment flagging or other techniques to invalidate other people’s bids. Anyone caught doing so may be banned from participation in current and future auctions.

Thank you for participating! If you have any feedback or questions, please reach out via the contact link in the menu on the left!