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LongStory 2!


So my day job at Bloom Digital has kept a lot of my life under NDA, and it’s a real treat to get to tell you about LongStory 2 and all the hard work we’ve been doing to make this game a reality!

LongStory was originally created in 2014 as an alternative to shallow “insert coins for romance” sims on the market. LongStory was one of the first dating sims that supported young people in exploring their gender, sexuality and identity in a safe supportive space, and we’ve had a devoted fan base since the first game launched.

And now, the LongStory 2 Kickstarter is live! We need games like LongStory now more than ever. We are looking to raise CAD $25,000 in finishing funds:

Your support will help us make a full new season of a diverse and LGBTQ+ game that our players have already fallen in love with. At Bloom we believe the world needs games that create that hopeful and loving future: You can help us continue this story with our signature compassion, curiosity, conversation and, occasionally, sarcasm.

Backing this project gets you access to the sequel, the original game and some sweet LongStory swag! Not to mention the satisfaction of knowing more inclusive, safe, consent-based emotional gaming content will be available for players new and old.

Also, did we mention, we’re live on Steam with a demo for Steam NextFest? You can take a good look at LongStory 2 for free right here:

It’s a gorgeous, heartfelt, funny game and it has the potential to really mean something, especially to any queer kids in your life; getting to be a small part of making it a reality has really meant a lot to me!