About Shel

Shel Kahn is an artist whose work spans digital and tabletop games, comics, education, and community organizing.

They have worked with a range of publishers on pen and paper, console, mobile and PC games; created fantasy and memoir comics; and they have presented and taught at professional conferences, highschools, colleges and universities. Kahn’s current work includes art directing indie videogames, self-publishing comics and tabletop RPG modules, and organizing community events through DMG.

You can reach them by email at shel@portablecity.net . They are also on Twitter, and publish webcomics on the Weald Comics website, and writing on their Stories website. Find their detailed CV on LinkedIn.

Select clients include:

Numizmatic Games
Peculiar Path Games
Komi Games Inc.
Rocket 5 Studios
A Sharp Games

Tabletop Games:
Penguin King Games
Worlds Without Master
Pelgrane Press

Believe, Ltd.
1001 Knights

Royal Ontario Museum
Aga Khan Museum

Oasis Skateboard Factory Alternative School, TDSB
George Brown College
Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design
Brock University