Cabin Designs for unannounced game from Peculiar Path

We did a pass exploring a more contemporary/futuristic aesthetic for the setting, focusing again on a cabin as a proof of concept, integrating elements from cutting edge material work in architecture and design.

The client provided a 3D blockout and some basic lights, built off of the floor plan and elevations, that I used as greyboxes to iterate the design. Here are the four directions we highlighted as possible approaches.

Here you can see the process of defining the layout, content, and style of the cabin:

Here is the original floor plan, created after we chose a direction from these three colour thumbnails:


Four Solarpunk Character Designs

These four characters were designed for an unannounced Peculiar Path title.

Below are some of the stages these characters went through.

We started with a skeletal template to help simplify future rigging processes, and iterated possible characters on top of it:

Once we had drawings down, we went through a colour design process:

Announcing: Warp Riders!

Thanks to the Orb, they’d been living large outside of time — until it all came crashing down.

Stranded on a strange moon, four space pirates and one stowaway find themselves forced to discover what comes next.

Stranded - painting

Warp Riders is a fast paced, pulpy, and sapphic orb-and-planet novella. It grew out of a NaNoWriMo tweetfic, and since then I’ve polished it up quite a bit.

If you’d like to read it for free, I’m running it online in small chapters, like a webcomic  – catch up and subscribe right here!

But I’m also offering it as a pdf and epub, and all the money raised there will go to me getting it properly set up for professional level self publishing, including funding me drawing interior illustrations. Pick up a copy for yourself here and I’ll send you updated versions as they happen!

If you love a little magic in your sci-fi, a little space wizardry spiced with queer romance, I think this might be your jam!

Retro Sci-Fi Vignettes for WisCon

These illustrations were created for WisCon’s convention app! I worked with Ayizan Studios to take the existing WisCon mascots and designed a whole world for them and their friends to mirror some of the main elements of the convention itself. We were focused on retro sci-fi feel, but with appealing, contemporary colours.

Crystal Generation Ship

This sci-fi painting combines imagery of crystal specimens with elements of architecture, to create an enticing and evocative futuristic image.

Watercolour and coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper, 8 x 8″, 2017

Crystal Generation Ship

Popcorn Punch Game Jam Project

Popcorn Punch Title Screen Popcorn Punch 2 Popcorn Punch 3 Popcorn Punch 4

Popcorn Punch is a game jam project where I collaborated with Matthew Rapati. We were inspired by the surreal colourful art of Roger Dean and wanted to make something that felt like getting lost in an unpredictable album cover world. I produced all the art assets, created the animations and designed the title screen, while Matthew coded, and created music. We collaborated on the game design.