What I’ve Learned About Teaching Art

(photo of me in my natural environment taken by Craig Morrison at the Oasis Skateboard Factory)

I’ve had the privilege of teaching art in a variety of environments – from still life oil painting at the college level, to combining art with science and history in a museum setting, to guiding highschool students through creating a comics anthology. Through these very different settings, I’ve found a list of constants that, when I keep them in mind, help me deliver the most enjoyable and effective art education for my students.

One of my core beliefs is that art is, at the heart of it all, something a student must teach themself, and that a classroom, workshop, or camp that wants to teach art is actually responsible for creating an environment and offering projects that facilitate that self-driven learning.

With that on the table, here is the pantheon of truths that, if I can hold on to all of them, help me create that learning environment:

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