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Category: Pocket Dungeons

Corruption of Pelursk PeripheralsPocket Dungeons are system-agnostic mini-adventures written for tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon World, or your personal favourite system!

Designed to easily plug into longer campaigns as a sidequest, or stand alone for one-shot or mini-campaign play, they are called pocket dungeons for their physical size AND their convenience at the table.

They are available as small zine publications or in Pocket Packs where they are packaged in a pencil case along with a selection of peripheral gaming aids, like fabric maps.

You can buy them as PDFs on Gumroad, add them to your DriveThru RPG digital library, or purchase print zines and pocket packs when available in my store.

If you are looking to purchase these in bulk for your store, school, library or event, please get in touch at

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