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The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra – Pocket Dungeon Zine & Pocket Pack

The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra is a system-agnostic, story-heavy dungeon crawl about a community recovering after disaster, and how a goddess might try to understand mortal grief.
The village of Phylinecra was a tight-knit community of artists and creatives, until it suffered a devastating flood. In the aftermath, as the survivors try to salvage their lives and their homes, a strange force traps several people in crystalline, house-shaped sarcophagi, compounding the natural disaster with a supernatural one. Rescuing their friends from the ghost houses will require players to venture to the Blessed Isle and from there, down into the Red Caves, where they must solve the mystery of the Goddess herself.
GM and players will work together to build a unique version of Phylinecra and a unique Goddess for their quest. This adventure will run between 1-3 sessions, and includes instructions for shortening or lengthening play time.
Content notes: community grief, death of loved ones, acceptance of death, metaphorical depictions of decay, survivors guilt
The zine of The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra includes:
  • the full adventure
  • nine black and white interior illustrations
  • two player facing black and white maps
  • seven paper insert forms to record player answers to worldbuilding and group relationship questions
The pocket pack of The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra includes:
  • the zine
  • the seven paper forms
  • two tabloid sized chiffon colour maps
  • a cursed pencil
  • twelve mini crystal tokens
  • all tucked into a 9 x 4″ custom printed canvas pencil case
  • a PDF of the zine
  • print & play versions of the black and white maps
  • print and play version of the paper forms
  • screen-ready colour maps for online play

If you’re interested in reviewing this adventure, please get in touch at shel at !