By Crom! – Life Advice from Conan the Barbarian

By Crom! is a joke-a-panel autobio webcomic featuring life advice from the ever-practical, mighty-thewed Conan the Barbarian. It ran online from 2012-2014 and was collected into a book in 2016 thanks to Kickstarter! As it ran, the art style changed significantly; below is a whole range of samples from the archives, including covers of all the zines and smaller collections; it can all be read for free on

Watercolour Maps

I’m a huge fan of the strangeness of satellite imagery of earth, and how it intersects with how we draw maps for navigational or other uses. I also love watching pigment flow around on a surface, and I’ve been thinking about how liquid dynamics of watercolour can mimic liquid dynamics of water tables, geologically. Which is to say, I’ve been painting watercolour maps. Click in to see them in closer detail: