the portable city

by definition, not static

status: archives being slowly restored, comics being relocated, new artwork and writing in the queue

Three Dyads


I’ve been practicing taking pose ref and building a fictional scene around it, and decided to focus in on people having quiet moments together; I’ve also been trying to use more soft gradients in watercolour, which is DEFINITELY one of the trickier parts of the medium, so it’s been a great challenge! It’s also taught me the value of good watercolour paper, but I suspect that’s a lesson I’ll keep re-learning. So far the Fluid 100 line, which is 100% cotton, has been holding up better than I expected for something so affordable! Not quite as cheap as the paul rubens 100% cotton paper, but available in much bigger sizes.

It’s maybe not evenly distributed yet throughout these drawings, but I am trying – for real, really really trying – to find a fun and charming and simple way to cartoon faces that feels repeatable for me.

What do you think?