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  • Announcing: Warp Riders!

    Announcing: Warp Riders!

    Thanks to the Orb, they’d been living large outside of time — until it all came crashing down. Stranded on a strange moon, four space pirates and one stowaway find themselves forced to discover what comes next. Warp Riders is a fast paced, pulpy, and sapphic orb-and-planet novella. It grew out of a NaNoWriMo tweetfic, and since…

  • Three Dyads

    Three Dyads

      I’ve been practicing taking pose ref and building a fictional scene around it, and decided to focus in on people having quiet moments together; I’ve also been trying to use more soft gradients in watercolour, which is DEFINITELY one of the trickier parts of the medium, so it’s been a great challenge! It’s also…

  • G.L.O.S.S. Band Portrait Painting Commission

    G.L.O.S.S. Band Portrait Painting Commission

    This winter I was approached to work on a commission based on the heavy metal portraits I did as studies last year, which, friends, that’s the dream, hey? Do a personal project, hear from someone who connected with it so much they want a private commission that seamlessly extends that body of work? Incredible!  …

  • Procreate Timelapse Videos:

    Procreate Timelapse Videos:

    I’ve been continuing doing studies in Procreate, and have been saving process videos more and more – it’s really neat to see how paintings change over the course of me working on them.  

  • Watercolour Maps

    Watercolour Maps

    I’m a huge fan of the strangeness of satellite imagery of earth, and how it intersects with how we draw maps for navigational or other uses. I also love watching pigment flow around on a surface, and I’ve been thinking about how liquid dynamics of watercolour can mimic liquid dynamics of water tables, geologically. Which…

  • Metalhead Paintings

    Metalhead Paintings

    A few fun studies from musician promo shots and personal photos, done in watercolour and pen:

  • Playing Night Forest with the Dames Making Games Community

    Playing Night Forest with the Dames Making Games Community

    We played Heart of the Deernicorn’s Night Forest as a community gaming event at Dames Making Games in Toronto, and loved it! Herein lies a review of our experience, and a list of the ways we customized it.